Thank you to all of  the world juniors of lacrosse volunteers!

The 2016 FIL U19 men's lacrosse championship held in Coquitlam from July 7-16, 2016, at Coquitlam Town Centre. This tournament relies on the efforts of many volunteers to provide its services and support its mandate.

  • General Floater Help
  • Ball kids
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Volunteer Security
  • Doping Chaperones
  • Team Event Day
  • Food & Beverage (VIP and Volunteers )
  • Stats Booth
  • Bench Official
  • 50/50 Prize
  • Team Transportation Coordinator
  • Ticket/Sale Verification
  • Communications/Broadcast/Game Tape
  • Field Staff

We value your involvement, appreciate your interest and your hard work.